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All the doctors at the Neck Center in New Jersey are board-certified and Harvard-trained experts in pain management.

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Meet Our Team of Neck Pain Specialists

Neck Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. George Hanna

Dr. Hanna is a Harvard-trained interventional pain management specialist. He sees patients at his neck center in New Jersey.

Neck Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is a board-certified specialist in pain management and anesthesiology. He sees patients at his neck center in New Jersey.

Neck Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Shane Volney

Dr. Shane Volney is a nationally recognized neck pain specialist with advanced training in minimally invasive treatments. He sees patients in New Jersey.

Neck Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Laura Lombardi

Dr. Laura Lombardi is a Harvard-trained neck pain expert specializing in minimally invasive neck pain relief. She sees patients at her neck center in New Jersey.

Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo
Neck Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo

Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo is a nationally renowned neck pain specialist specializing in non-surgical pain management. You can find him at our neck center in New Jersey.

The Neck Center in New Jersey offers free insurance verification before your appointment. We understand that the prospect of insurance coverage can be stressful, especially if you don’t know if your treatment will be covered. We perform free insurance verification and actively help you maximize coverage to access neck pain treatments and lead a pain-free life.



Free Insurance Verification

We provide FREE insurance verification to all patients. Once you submit your insurance details, our insurance concierge will review the terms and conditions of your insurance plan and help you schedule an appointment at your nearest neck center in New Jersey.
Meet your vein specialists

Meet Your Pain Doctor

Once you reach our neck center in New Jersey for your appointment, the front desk team will help you with the check-in process, following which you meet the neck pain doctor. If you’re running late for your appointment, please give us a courtesy call as soon as possible.
Treatment plan

Your Treatment Plan

The neck pain doctor will carefully examine your condition, discuss your symptoms, review your medical history, and curate a personalized treatment plan. We curate all treatment plans based on a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, goals, and expectations.

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Say Goodbye to Pain

Once you start the treatment, you can say goodbye to neck pain. Our pain doctors curate comprehensive treatment plans that ensure long-lasting results, and they stay with you through every stage of the neck pain treatment process. Please call us to get started.